Still here, still running.

Oh hey there. I ran a half today. Training wasn’t exactly awesome, so I’m just happy to have finished and gotten that medal! Kept my pace pretty steady throughout, and walked only the water stops. Finished strong, and got to see several friends along the way. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning, if you ask me.


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Well, my jeans still don’t fit, which is extra annoying since it’s 60-something degrees here AND I’ve been busting my literal butt lately. They are actually LESS close to fitting than they were before I started running so much again last month! However, I did happen to notice that our (mine and the neighbor’s) pace for the last four runs has decreased by ten seconds per mile, per day. Considering that we’ve run 30+ miles in that timeframe, that’s not too bad. It’s not as comforting as long pants on a chilly day, but it’s *some* sort of progress, I guess.

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Long run with a purpose

It’s no secret that I love running, right? And I was so, so sad when it wasn’t loving me back. But ohhh, let me tell you–GET A NEIGHBOR WHO IS A RUNNER! What a turnaround that has been for my training (training for nothing, that is). I can roll out of bed on a weekday morning and send her a text asking if she has run yet. She responds a minute later, and within the next 20 minutes, I’m meeting her out front and off we go. Most of our jaunts are more well-planned than that, sort of like the one we did today:

We knew we wanted to go at least 6-8 miles, since a step-back week is smart and we’ve done double digits the past three or four Saturdays. Then I heard that another friend, training for her first marathon, was looking for company on her three laps of the lake. We could easily run to the lake and do the first lap with her, and still be within our goal distance. My husband and another mutual friend were planning to join for the third lap. Once we finished that first round, things were feeling pretty great, so we kept going for lap 2. Naturally. 🙂

The whole time, I had my watch on the “lap” setting, so I was only watching the distance of the lap we were on and had no idea what our overall mileage was, beyond the rough estimates in my head (every runner has those for familiar routes, right?). By the time we were nearing the end of that second loop, and both feeling pretty *done* I checked the watch… and what do you know, we were **thisclose** to FOURTEEN MILES! Longer than a half marathon, when we started out for 8!

Frequent walk breaks (like, every mile plus some of the biggest hills in between), plenty of fluids, and a light breeze made it delightfully bearable without feeling too hard at any given point. And our overall pace was just a touch over 10:30/mile! In case you couldn’t tell, I was mighty proud of us. 😀 Finding $0.65 along the way was the icing on the cake. Oh, AND the fact that we beat the rain! Welcome back, fun running…I’ve missed you.

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Woo hoo!

For the first time since October–when I ran a marathon–I logged over one hundred miles this month! Actually, I ran *more* than I did in October, marathon included, and came out with a nice round 110. That doesn’t include the multiple speed-walks I took with my dog, either (those add up to 12ish miles–not bad for an 11 year old Lab). What a great feeling! Discovering that my not-so-new neighbor is also a runner was one of the best things that could’ve happened. I’m tallying these miles up today because tomorrow is a beautiful, hopefully restful, REST day! Yoga practice at noon and a walk in the evening are my only planned activities… oh, and entertaining a soon-to-be-1st grader along the way. Not a bad way to end this June. 

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Just like the old days

Ten miles and 43 cents richer before 8am…just like the old days! The Lego display was there to greet me at the end. 🙂


I’ve been running with my neighbor for this past month, and it’s been fantastic, even when I have to get up before 6am on a Saturday. We chat, we commiserate, we find lots of coins!


I had some weird sciatica issue going on today, so I’ll watch out for that in the future and spend some time foam rolling or doing yoga this weekend. Still sticking to, and enjoying, my non-marathon training schedule. Have a great weekend!

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Running errands

Today is the first day of my son’s summer vacation! I cannot believe I have a first-grader. He still seems still so little! We didn’t have the car today, but I made sure my husband left us the running stroller when he went to work, so I could still get some mileage in. Ok, maybe he’s not SO little. Ooof.

Given the wet pavement and ominous forecast, I knew we’d have to time it carefully… or end up calling for a rescue ride. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that. We got our groceries, logged my self-set miles, and made it back before the downpour began.

Do you ever “run” your errands? I love it. Here’s how I described it to my sister:

“Nice way to log time/miles without feeling like too much drudgery, and I feel totally badass rolling into the health food store all sweaty.”

Let the summer badassery begin!


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That’s more like me

This past Saturday, in true “runnerd” style, I ran the 4.5 miles from my house to a local 10K, which I then also ran. My timing was just right and I even had time for a pitstop before the race began. I did feel a little dorky running from home with my race number pinned on, but I couldn’t think of a good way to carry it without bending the plastic timing chips on the back.


(image credit: RM for Stellafly)

The race itself went surprisingly well for an event that starts well after sunrise on a steamy June day. Thanks to my water belt, I didn’t need to stop for any fluids so I could continue cruising (read: trudging, lol) through the aid stations and keep my slow but steady pace. My cheerleaders, husband and son, were out spectating toward the end, which provided a nice little boost, and the little guy even ran me in to the finish. I didn’t race for a PR (good thing…) but I did have a goal to finish under an hour, which I believe I accomplished if the Garmin can be believed. This was all followed by two bottles of water, an iced coffee, and a half-mile walk back to the car. All in all, it was just over 11 miles.

I followed that up on Sunday with three rainy miles with my neighbor, without whom I probably would’ve just gone back to bed to wallow in my soreness. Thank goodness for good running partners! Accountability is no small asset to a solid fitness routine.  

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